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What is “lavato”?

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“Lavato” is the inverse process of dyeing leather. Usually a leather goods manufacturer uses already dyed leather, but in this case we buy crust vegetable tanned leather for our bags. When we finish to assemble the bags we put them into a drum and here the dyeing process starts. After this step and after the “ingrasso” (same effect of the cream on our skin) the bags are ready to be dryed. The result is a vintage bag made of italian vegetable tanned leather.


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Do not pretend that things will change if we keep doing the same.

The crisis is the greatest blessing that can happen to people and countries, because the crisis brings progress.

Creativity is born of anxiety as the day comes from the dark night.

It is in crisis born of invention, discovery and major strategies.

He who overcomes crisis surpasses himself without being overcome.

Who attributed their failures to the crisis and hardship, neglects his own talent and respects more problems than solutions.

The real crisis is the crisis of incompetence.

The disadvantage of individuals and countries is laziness to find solutions to their problems.

There is no crisis challenges, without challenges life is a routine, a slow death.

There is no crisis without merit.

It is in the crisis which show the very best of each, because without any wind caress crisis.

Talk of crisis is to promote, and be silent in the crisis is to exalt conformism.

Instead, work hard!

Get it over with menacing crisis that is the tragedy of not being willing to overcome.”

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

La Pasqua è un viaggio verso la bellezza

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Le festività pasquali rappresentano sicuramente uno dei momenti più importanti del cristianesimo. Particolarmente sentita in ambito religioso, la Pasqua offre da sempre un momento di riflessione o, quanto meno, di “stacco” momentaneo dalle routinarie abitudini quotidiane .

Non una semplice vacanza. Non un semplice viaggio.
Il nostro invito è che tutti possano prendere a prestesto questo momento per cercare di “decellerare” un attimo e rifuggire dalla quella frenesia che talvolta non ci permette di assaporare appieno le bellezze che ci circondano. Perchè, in fondo, è proprio questo ciò di cui abbiamo realmente bisogno.

Allora, sia che andiate sia che rimaniate, cercate di farlo con quella “lentezza” necessaria per farvi apprezzare fino in fondo una gita fuori porta piuttosto che una tavolata con gli amici. E di certo noi italiani in tale compito siamo più che agevolati: ogni angolo del nostro Belpaese, infatti, è degno di nota, ricco di storia, fascino e natura. Siamo tra i principali interpreti della bellezza mondiale e le nostre città e finanche gli anfratti più nascosti, ne sono la testimonianza viva e reale.

Viaggiate, dunque. Anche se decidete di rimanere a casa. Talvolta non serve prendere un aereo o un treno per scoprire l’arte e l’artigianalità, il vero made in Italy o lo spettacolo della natura che ci circonda. Così facendo, per tutti, credenti e non, tale festività potrà effettivamente rappresentare un momento di rinascita, di riscoperta o, più semplicemente, di rigenerante riposo.

Simone Grasso
Media, Communication & Marketing specialist

Discover the Spring with Leather vip

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Spring has arrived!

The city began to be populated by new colors and new emotions . Graying  souls  of winter are now emerging to new life . More than a metereological period: a real season of the soul.

If  in the nature the flowers are the most representative elements of spring season, in everyday social life, instead, is definitely the bag to represent this great transition to the Spring.

Our group of Leather Vip ( www.leathervip.it ) is really happy to accept this climate change.
For this reason we have decided to offer a line of leather handbags ( www.perprofessionisti.com ) in line with the spirit of spring. Colors that enhance the beauty of women , making it even more shiny and exciting.

In our small activities, we try to bring you in the pleasures of daily life giving you that colors that you need for a really happy life!

Simone Grasso
Media, Communication & Marketing Specialist

The Expert

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Being a professional is not simply a golden noun to be included in footnotes in presentation letters or business cards. It is the result of a commitment and a belief that must be maintained and nurtured over time. What distinguishes a professional is not only his expertise, but also the ability to present himself and to relate to others with distinctiveness In the image modern civilization, the ability to effectively reach an outcome also depends on the ability to communicate with all the tools you have available. It is not possible to not communicate; here is the first axiom of communication. Therefore everything communicates. Even silence. Not only what we use on a daily basis in the course of our daily work. From modern technology to the classic telephone contact. Surely the image has its weight, meaning the ability to establish profitable relationships. For this reason, the attention to detail is paramount. From the accessories, these can sometimes establish the successful outcome of a negotiation or make it merge to the desired track. Psychological research agrees that the first 5/7 seconds are crucial in giving our interlocutors an idea of us. Details, therefore. Classic professional office folders, the latest cover tablet or PC bag: accessories capable of lending greater authority and consideration. Not only fashion and trendy accessories, but something more. A sign of recognition, label of protected designation of origin, a plus resulting from the craftsmanship of the products which, in the case of Florentine leather goods, finds breadth and fullness of expression.

Travelling and bags

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Travelling is an innate desire and part of man’s nature to know and explore. In fact, if there is one constant in the history of mankind, this is the one. From the great explorations of the first discoveries until nowadays where traveling is a synonym of relaxation, rest, discovery and adventure.

To accompany this man in his frantic desire, there has always been a very special object. First a bag, then a suitcase and now, a trolley: the nouns change but the substance remains the same.

Furthermore, taking a closer look, the genesis of the bag is very different from its current appearance. In fact, at first it was a sack, then a box, a trunk and only in the modern era it became what it actually is today.

The leather bags, trolleys and backpacks designed by Leather Vip offer the right solution for city living and for traveling, keeping an eye on functionality.

A travel collection designed for the needs of those who travel all the time, combined with design and practicality.

Simone Grasso
Media, Communication & Web marketing specialist

The bag, between seduction and mystery

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Today it is hard to imagine a woman without accessories. Even more so it is difficult to imagine her without a bag. An almost unbreakable combination which has made this object a real transgenerational cult.

A complementary “furniture” and of an elegance capable of enclosing a universe of sensations and emotions, secrets and memories within its few inches. Therefore, not only a careful guardian of our accessories. It would, in fact, a limited and limiting function for this object that has spanned centuries and territories prior to set itself up as a symbol of newfound femininity, a desire to travel, explore, and learn.

Since its original function of money container and keeper till it became a fashion item in all respects, decades and decades have passed. Maybe it was this long gestation that gave the bag a symptomatic mystery which ingenuously and imaginatively enchants the wearer.

“Sumptuous in shiny reptile scales, soft and sensual in velvet nappa leather, brilliant in the new chemical materials, precious and sparkling like a jewel for the evenings, it accompanies us everywhere.” Yes, it has crossed centuries and continues to go through the seasons, days, hours and moments.

We will grow old, our children will grow up, our house will be populated by nice grandchildren, but the bag will always be there, to enclose an artisan skill, a style and a mysterious seductive power that is lost in the mists of time.


Simone Grasso
Media, Communication & Web marketing specialist

Craftsmanship is came back

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There is a great and important  phenomenon that is interesting italian community: a lot of young people, a lot of graduates are choosing a different style of life. They prefer to came back from the city to the country, not only for economical reasons but also for ethic or moral reasons.

Someone thinks that this phenomeno is stricly connected with the global crisis and so with the economics problem of italian family. Someone thinks that boys and girls are becoming conscious of environmental issues.

But, any way, the question is not about the reason why, but what is important is just the prominence of this phenomenon that is also about the “recovery” of ancient crafts. In fact, this younger are starting to work in the field, in artistics area such as wooden industry or leather factory. This industrial field are really important for italian economy. For this reasons we think that it’s really important to save and promote that.
Small and medium enterprise can be considerend the real “made in Italy”: not only for the economical importance but also for the Beauty that they are able to produce.

It’s on us to do everything we can to do to give more value at this phenomenon. Our present and our future depends on our ability to produce more value and to understand the  global change and his implications.

Simone Grasso
Media, Communication & Marketing specialist

The vegetable tanning: a practice that combines quality with low environmental impact

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Leather topic usually is an area with not so easy interpretations. Our interest  and our goals is to make it as understandable as possible, also because it have a really special charm.
Vegetable tanning has its roots in ancient time and, as happened for the arts, Tuscany and Florence were the center of this arts. Artists of leather in Tuscany, and especially those from Florence , handed down from the secrets and tricks of craftsmanship and production of high quality.
Among the many different types of tanning, vegetable one is the most classic and traditional and allows you to give at the leather its unique properties and distinctive aspects. It’s also different from any others type of leathers production for the “special attention” to environmental issues.
The main feature of vegetable tanning is the tannin:  ingredient that produces the transformation of animal hide into a compact and durable material that lasts for years.
In the current practice of vegetable tanning, it’s mainly used tannin extracted from chestnut and quebracho, a particulr tree that we can found in the South of America.
This is an aspect that is particularly close to our mission and that we want to share with our readers: the attention to the environmental and ecological implications is a strong point of view and it’s a part of our vision for our corporate and for our future.
Simone Grasso
Media, Communication & Web marketing specialist

City of Florence: arts, culture and fashion

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Tuscany is known all around the world as the cradle of the Renaissance and symbol of art and culture.
In addition to these features, Florence can be considered the city of fashion.

Art and fashion are synonymous of style, sophistication and elegance. Florence show this synergy with the world of fashion with the myriad of events, times and places, people and designers who populate the streets of Florence.
On the other hand, Just take a ride in Piazza Duomo or go to the Ponte Vecchio or enjoy the magical view from Piazzale Michelangelo Florence to understand that it is not a city like any other and that embodies a cultural and artistic charge really endless.

An excellent proof of this model, are the different and prestigious brands of the fashion world that in the city of Florence were born and continue to operate and that are well mixed with the ancient craft shops
of Borgo San Frediano or Borgo Ognissanti Square.
A combination that can be considered a really plus of this city.
Culture , fashion, wisdom , craftsmanship and modernity. This are words that represent a universe of values ​​and trends that, in our small way, we try every day to enclose in our leather productions.