Craftsmanship is came back

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There is a great and important  phenomenon that is interesting italian community: a lot of young people, a lot of graduates are choosing a different style of life. They prefer to came back from the city to the country, not only for economical reasons but also for ethic or moral reasons.

Someone thinks that this phenomeno is stricly connected with the global crisis and so with the economics problem of italian family. Someone thinks that boys and girls are becoming conscious of environmental issues.

But, any way, the question is not about the reason why, but what is important is just the prominence of this phenomenon that is also about the “recovery” of ancient crafts. In fact, this younger are starting to work in the field, in artistics area such as wooden industry or leather factory. This industrial field are really important for italian economy. For this reasons we think that it’s really important to save and promote that.
Small and medium enterprise can be considerend the real “made in Italy”: not only for the economical importance but also for the Beauty that they are able to produce.

It’s on us to do everything we can to do to give more value at this phenomenon. Our present and our future depends on our ability to produce more value and to understand the  global change and his implications.

Simone Grasso
Media, Communication & Marketing specialist