The bag, between seduction and mystery

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Today it is hard to imagine a woman without accessories. Even more so it is difficult to imagine her without a bag. An almost unbreakable combination which has made this object a real transgenerational cult.

A complementary “furniture” and of an elegance capable of enclosing a universe of sensations and emotions, secrets and memories within its few inches. Therefore, not only a careful guardian of our accessories. It would, in fact, a limited and limiting function for this object that has spanned centuries and territories prior to set itself up as a symbol of newfound femininity, a desire to travel, explore, and learn.

Since its original function of money container and keeper till it became a fashion item in all respects, decades and decades have passed. Maybe it was this long gestation that gave the bag a symptomatic mystery which ingenuously and imaginatively enchants the wearer.

“Sumptuous in shiny reptile scales, soft and sensual in velvet nappa leather, brilliant in the new chemical materials, precious and sparkling like a jewel for the evenings, it accompanies us everywhere.” Yes, it has crossed centuries and continues to go through the seasons, days, hours and moments.

We will grow old, our children will grow up, our house will be populated by nice grandchildren, but the bag will always be there, to enclose an artisan skill, a style and a mysterious seductive power that is lost in the mists of time.


Simone Grasso
Media, Communication & Web marketing specialist