The Expert

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Being a professional is not simply a golden noun to be included in footnotes in presentation letters or business cards. It is the result of a commitment and a belief that must be maintained and nurtured over time. What distinguishes a professional is not only his expertise, but also the ability to present himself and to relate to others with distinctiveness In the image modern civilization, the ability to effectively reach an outcome also depends on the ability to communicate with all the tools you have available. It is not possible to not communicate; here is the first axiom of communication. Therefore everything communicates. Even silence. Not only what we use on a daily basis in the course of our daily work. From modern technology to the classic telephone contact. Surely the image has its weight, meaning the ability to establish profitable relationships. For this reason, the attention to detail is paramount. From the accessories, these can sometimes establish the successful outcome of a negotiation or make it merge to the desired track. Psychological research agrees that the first 5/7 seconds are crucial in giving our interlocutors an idea of us. Details, therefore. Classic professional office folders, the latest cover tablet or PC bag: accessories capable of lending greater authority and consideration. Not only fashion and trendy accessories, but something more. A sign of recognition, label of protected designation of origin, a plus resulting from the craftsmanship of the products which, in the case of Florentine leather goods, finds breadth and fullness of expression.