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Tuscany leather and made in Florence: quality and distinction

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Talk about Florence as symbol of fashion is granted and, in some cases, superficial. If, instead, you considering all detailsin the details about the great value of this field fo the city of Florence, really many peculiarities can be discovered.

In this period, in which the tendency is to invest abroad in order to try to contain costs and to increase the gain,  “Made in Italy” could be considered a rarity. Also ef we talk about “Made in Tuscany” the story is similar:  it’just an happy oasis in the labyrinth of the national and international productions.

Florence leather goods, in particular, represents, in fact,something of special and something of really high level in the national production made from a particulr attention to details and quality of products.

The handcraft treatment of the skin, carried out from experts artists, came from a really long tradition and a strong know how that was born hundreds years ago.
Handbags, trolley, wallets, satchels, suitcases, business bags an so on: every product is a symbol of this know how.

For this reasons, we can say that florence leather factory, can be considered an italianan and international brand with an ancient vision but with a modern mission.

Simone Grasso
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