Travelling and bags

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Travelling is an innate desire and part of man’s nature to know and explore. In fact, if there is one constant in the history of mankind, this is the one. From the great explorations of the first discoveries until nowadays where traveling is a synonym of relaxation, rest, discovery and adventure.

To accompany this man in his frantic desire, there has always been a very special object. First a bag, then a suitcase and now, a trolley: the nouns change but the substance remains the same.

Furthermore, taking a closer look, the genesis of the bag is very different from its current appearance. In fact, at first it was a sack, then a box, a trunk and only in the modern era it became what it actually is today.

The leather bags, trolleys and backpacks designed by Leather Vip offer the right solution for city living and for traveling, keeping an eye on functionality.

A travel collection designed for the needs of those who travel all the time, combined with design and practicality.

Simone Grasso
Media, Communication & Web marketing specialist